Zombie Zip Line Adventure

Ever wonder what it would be like to Zip Line over Zombies? Have an intense zombie filled nighttime zip-line adventure and help save us all!

The last two weekends in October 2015!

Calling All Survivors

To anyone still out there, we desperately need your help. If you find this note, and are able, please come. Have hope! It’s not over yet! We’ve recently made contact with a group calling themselves the Umbrella Corp. over shortwave radio. They claim to have found a vaccine!  It can’t cure those who have already turned, but it might just save the rest of us. They have dispatched a truck to our location, however it has gone missing. We have to launch a nighttime search and retrieve mission but need more people to ensure it’s success. Our zip-lines will be extremely useful getting us back safely. Please help us find the truck, retrieve the vaccine, and save us all! We are at The Ridge off-road riding park just north of Springville, AL about 30min NE of Birmingham.

I’m one of the last survivors and am ready to help save us all!

More Info & Register! Human


Grrrr…..I’m hungry….

Volunteer To Be Undead



Walking Dead

I’m still on the fence. Can you tell me more about the actual zip lining?

More Zip Line Info Unsure


Days left to find vaccine...









Journal Entry – 2-15-2015: I thought I would start logging some of my thoughts in this journal, just in case I don’t make it through this. I’ve never been good at keeping a journal, maybe this time will be different. This all started on a day not too... read more

The Ridge Adventure Park

8745 Pine Mountain Rd.

Springville, AL 35146