Journal Entry – 2-15-2015:

I thought I would start logging some of my thoughts in this journal, just in case I don’t make it through this. I’ve never been good at keeping a journal, maybe this time will be different. This all started on a day not too different than today 3 months ago. A slight wind blowing down from the North, everything seemed completely normal. Looking back I think the quiet rustling noise of the leaves that day may have been different. Like a quiet alarm bell that no one noticed or cared or saw…..that can’t be, all this is tearing at my nerves like an angry wolf hound. No group of people should have to live like this, ever. We own The Ridge Adventure Park and we were open like any other normal Saturday. The zip line tours were running, and there was a pretty good crowd of dirt bike and four wheeler riders out on the trails. It was on that day the reports started streaming in over the radio, something was wrong. A virus, disease, pathogen, or a whole bucket of crazy dumped on the entire world was turning people into…zombies? I still remember saying…yeah right, they want us to believe that zombies are real. It spread quickly. Only took a week before it was no longer safe to go out. We’ve been some of the lucky ones I guess. Considering we’re still alive that is.

Journal Entry – 3-10-2015:

Went fishing today. Ever tried to reel in a fish with a group of undead chasing you around the lake? I don’t recommend it.

Journal Entry – 4-25-2015:

Seems the best time to go out now is at night. I don’t think they can see that well at night. Also, our zip lines have become quite useful for traveling around the park. Turns out the walkers have a tough time climbing up the platforms.

Journal Entry – 5-21-2015:

Never thought I would find out, but it is actually awesome to drive a four-wheeler through walmart at high speed grabbing groceries as you go. Check-out is tricky though.

Journal Entry – 9-17-2015:

Well, looks like even a zombie apocalypse can’t help me keep a journal. My name is…well it isn’t important anymore. What are names good for when you count everyone you know who hasn’t died on two hands. I think I’ll change my name to notdeadyet or Mr. Notyet. What does it matter anymore….what does anything matter. Am I losing it?! Can a crazy person tell if he is actually crazy? I’m writing this in case I don’t make it through this latest fiasco. I take it you read the note? I don’t have a good feeling about being able to recover the vaccine or if there really is a vaccine. I mean who is this Umbrella Corporation, what do they really want? Are we supposed to believe there is actually a lost truck out there that can save us. Sure…they probably ran into some magical fairy unicorn and the unicorn horn trashed the radiator. Have you even tried to go outside lately? The only way we can get out and back without a huge hoard of walkers chasing us is to sneak out at night. It’s no wonder we’ve all climbed to the top of Mt. Sanity and took a huge leap. I guess we don’t have a choice though. I just hope some others show up to help. It’s our only hope.