If you’re reading this then there is still hope. You can help us, and in the process save yourself! Read the mission details below and then register using the calendar. Everyone must register in advance. We can only fit 8 humans in each vaccine recovery group.

  • Find the truck.
  • Recover the vaccine.
  • Use our level 1 zip-lines to get it back to base. More info on zip-line here.
  • Go after dark, walkers can’t see that well at night. They also can’t climb our zip towers.
  • We have some lights on the zip line course that will help you in your mission.
  • Two of our members will help you. They know the location of the truck, will be armed, and can get you back safely.
  • Walkers are not that fast, as long as you don’t get surrounded, you’ll be fine.
  • We’ll be sending out multiple groups of 10 to ensure mission success.
  • Looking at around 2 hours from once you arrive at base to when/if you make it back.


  • Please wear tennis shoes or boots. No sandals or flip flops.
  • There is a 50% cancellation fee if you cancel the day of your mission. Please cancel at least a day in advance if you must.
  • You must be at least 70lbs. This could be frightening for younger kids. Please use your best judgement here.
  • 260lb max weight limit.
  • Reservations MUST be made on line in advance, if we don’t have at least 2 people signed up for a mission we might have to cancel and refund you.
  • Minors 18 and under must have both parents sign our waiver form. The waiver form can be downloaded from our site here.
  • No alcoholic beverages, firearms, knives, and other things your common sense tells you aren’t allowed.


How much walking or running is involved?

We think the location of the truck is a short distance from the first zip-line. Looking at around a half-mile total. Running is not required, but remember you don’t wan’t to get surrounded.

How will we be able to see?

We’ve managed to get lights around our zip-lines and we’ll be using mission approved glow sticks. You will not need to bring anything with you.

What if a zombie catches me?

We have highly trained guards we are sending with you. They know this area extremely well and have proven they can handle themselves. We hope to get you out and back without incident.